Thaijindesu Newport News, VA

Last night I was being lazy and didn’t feel like cooking. I also didn’t feel like driving very far from our apartment.  I thought of a place my co-worker Ashley told me about called Thaijindesu.  Thaijindesu is located in Port Warwick between Jefferson and Warwick ave in Newport News.  In the center of the square where the restaurant is located, there is a lawn where they do concerts in the summer. They serve both Japanese and Thai inspired dishes.


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Harpoon Larry’s Newport News, VA

Following a Beach day I was super hungry.  I had heard about Harpoon Larry’s from a patient who orders their oyster shooters and a co-worker who said they had amazing calamari.  I decided to try it and make my own decision. I pulled into the parking lot and got a parking spot right up front which I know is not normal because this place is ALWAYs busy.  As you walk in there is a large fish tank and a long bar.


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