The Barking Dog Hampton, VA

God I love a good hot dog! (that may have come out wrong but I don’t care)

When you crave a hotdog in Hampton Roads you have to go to The Barking Dog located in downtown Hampton. It’s one of those places that don’t need a website; it’s just word of mouth. No frills but really good. That’s the kind of place I like and it’s exactly what I got.


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Feast of the Seven Fishes Virginia Beach, VA

I have been off the grid for a while. I have continued to take pictures of where I have been in the hopes of writing but life got busy. This past December (I know…a little late) I read about this event at Mannino’s Italian Bistro at Virginia Beach Oceanfront called Feast of the Seven Fishes. I’m Italian so I have definitely heard of this Christmas Eve tradition and have always wanted to participate in it. Sadly, my family does not participate. It may have something to do with the fact that one will be in the kitchen all day cooking 7 different kinds of fish for an Italian-populated family.

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Chatham Vineyards and Winery Machipongo, VA

I am not a huge fan of going out to dinner for Valentine’s Day because I feel like restaurants tend to jack up prices. I also wanted to take a drive; but not go too far.

I have gone camping in Cheriton on the eastern shore of Viriginia when I was young and really liked the area. It is the opposite of Hampton Roads in that it is quiet with a lot of farms, kind of what I am used to from living in Upstate NY. I read that Chatham Vineyards in Machipongo was doing a Winter Wine and Oyster Weekend. I have been wanting to try raw oysters in the area since we moved here. Valentine’s Day was the perfect excuse to drink wine and eat oysters!

The Oysters came from Shooting Point Oysters and were shucked onsite. Shooting Point Oysters is a family run farm located in Franktown, VA.  You can buy their oysters wholesale by going to their website.


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