2 Days in Savannah

Hey Y’all

Being from the Northeast, I always wanted to experience charm of the historical cities of the South. First on the List was Savannah, GA.  Savannah is the oldest City in Georgia being established in 1733.  Savannah’s historic district is a grid system and has a total of 24 squares making it easy to navigate the city by foot. You can find a Self Guided Tour book here. I bought a Historic District Map here.  Along the Savannah River is River Street, an old brick street where open container laws do not apply. You can also get great views of the container ships passing under the Talmadge Memorial Bridge.

Here are some pictures from my Savannah walking tour

Fountain at Forsyth Park

Mercer Williams House

Lafayette Square

River Street

After walking around we decided to get a drink and catch the sunset at Top Deck

Top Deck Rooftop Bar

After waking up the next day at our Airbnb, we decided to take a trip to Bonaventure Cemetery. Bonaventure Cemetery is a public cemetery and was featured in the novel/movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. The cemetery is home to past prominent figures of Savannah.   Here are some pictures from Bonaventure:





Bonaventure Cemetery is said to be haunted and Little Gracie is one of its most notable residents. She was born in 1883 and was the daughter of the manager of the Pulaski Hotel. She was very popular amongst the guests. She would later pass of pneumonia.  Many people have claimed to see her spirit playing in Johnson Square, the square that the Pulaski Hotel was built on.

Lastly we headed to Wormsloe Plantation.

Although the house is now in ruins the grounds make up for it especially the entrance on Oak Avenue. Here are some pictures from that day:

Fun Fact: The movies The General’s Daughter and The Last Song were both filmed at Wormsloe.

As pretty as Wormsloe is I experienced another beautiful first on Tybee Island at the

Crab Shack

Cause how could I not include this?

Fun Facts about Savannah:

  1. Forest Gump was filmed in Chippewa Square-although the bench is no longer there
  2. Inventor Eli Whitney was born here
  3. Juliette Gordon Law the founder of Girl Scouts was born here
  4. America’s most paranormal city

Other Places to see in Savannah:

  1. The Pirates House: We had a drink here. This is the oldest building in Savannah. It was founded in 1753. Many sailors have gone missing from the Pirate’s House. There is an underground tunnel entrance under the House which leads to the Savannah River. The sailors were taken through the tunnels and awoke on pirate’s ships.
  2. Planters Tavern : We ate here. Located in the basement of the Famous Olde Pink House restaurant. Unlike the upscale décor of the Olde Pink house, the Planters tavern is first come first serve with darkly lit tables in front of a large stone fireplace. You can even sit in an old wine cellar. It has more of a romantic feel.
  3. Leopold’s Ice Cream: We licked here. We waited in line for this old school ice cream and soda shop. It was founded in 1919 by 3 brothers. One of the son’s now owns it after moving back to Savannah from Hollywood. He was a producer on films such as: Mission Impossible 3, the Sum of All Fears, The General’s Daughter and Paycheck. Movie posters align the walls of the ice cream shop.  Flavors I got: Mocha Chocolate Chip and Coconut macaroon. (Cause how could you pick just one?!)

Other places to check out:

Clary’s Café

Colonial Park Cemetery

Jens & Friends for drinks

17Hundred90 restaurant (haunted)

The Rail Pub

Pinkie Masters

The Warehouse Bar and Grill

Rocks on the Roof

The Coffee Fox

The District Café & Eatery

Persimmon Café

Fire Street Food

Back in the Day Bakery


Until Next time, Savannah




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